7 Tips for the Colorado 9’s a Day of Skiing, Golfing and Baseball

7 Tips for anyone Doing the Colorado 9’s

So your first question when you clicked on the blog today is probably what in the hell is the Colorado 9’s?   Simply put if your a skier or snowboarder in the Centennial state of Colorado it is a day full of activity and fun.   The Colorado 9’s is a day where you ski 9 runs, play 9 holes of golf and then go to the Rockies game and watch 9 innings of baseball at Coors field.  

I have done the Colorado 9’s 6 times with my friends and I am going to lay out some  simple tips that I have found to make the day go as smoothly as possible.  We have learned from the school of hard knocks with some of our pitfalls.  So follow this simple tips and you are sure to have a great day with your friends.  

  1. Hire a private driver or party bus for the day.  The Colorado 9’s is a day filed with fun and for most of us that means alcohol.  Our first couple times doing the Colorado 9’s we all drove and luckily no one got into any accidents or trouble but it is still a great idea to hire someone to drive you to and from the ski mountain and then to the game.  There is no better party bus in Denver than Good Time Tours.  We have used them for 4 years and Tom the best in the business and very highly recommended.
  2. Ski first!   What we like to do is meet at the golf course we are going to be golfing at in the morning at 6:00 am.  Park our cars at the golf course and then ride the party bus to the ski resort.  We have tried to golf first before and it didn’t go well.  Lets just say people got highly intoxicated golfing and then tried to ski and ended up tearing up their knees.  So always ski first then golf.  You have a lot less chance of messing yourself up on the golf course than you do sending it down the mountain.
  3. Pick a ski resort that is close to Denver and will be open.  A bonus is picking ski resort that all or most of you have a pass to.  Lift tickets are expensive no matter what time of year and since the Colorado 9’s is typically done in late Spring your options can be limited.  Our top resorts to use for the Colorado 9’s are Winter Park, Loveland Ski Resort, or Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort.  Resorts like Vail, Steamboat, and Aspen are not viable options due to their distance from Denver and also they close too early in the season to be able to do the Colorado 9’s.  Since the Rockies don’t start playing baseball till early April your options can be limited on what ski resorts are still open in Colorado.   Breckenridge and Copper Ski Mountain will most likely be open and their proximity to Denver isn’t that bad but at both resorts it takes far too long to get onto the mountain.  Breckenridge makes you take a long gondola to the mountain that makes the 9 runs hard to complete.  The same is true with Copper Mountain that makes you take a bus to the mountain.   Winter Park, Loveland, and A-basin offer easy access to the mountain and stay open the longest in Colorado.  
  4. Be prepared for the unexpected!   Most years everything goes as planned but this is Colorado and some years you just can predict the weather.  So always have a backup plan.  An example of this is when we got a pow day for the Colorado 9’s.  It’s great for skiing but you can’t really golf with 6 inches of snow on the ground.  So what do you do in times like these?  Hmm think, think, think.  Oh I know Top golf and that's what we did one year.  We weren't able to get in 9 holes but we made it fun.  Other options would be indoor golf simulators or indoor putt putt.  Sometimes you gotta get creative and roll with it..  
  5. Pick a good golf course to play at.  Some of our favorites throughout the years have been Evergreen Golf Course, Applewood Golf Course and Willis Case Golf Course.   What’s great about these courses is that they are all along I70.  This year Applewood even set up a shotgun start with us and another group doing the Colorado 9’s.
  6. Buy Rockpile tickets at the Colorado Rockies.  I wouldn’t worry about buying a block of tickets more than likely some people will not make it to the game.  
  7. Find a good bar to celebrate the Colorado 9’s after the Rockies win after the game.  There are many popular places near Coors Field but we like to go to the Giggling Grizzly.  

So there you have it follow these guidelines and you are sure to have a great time.  Maybe you will not make some of the mistakes we made early in the Colorado 9’s. 

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